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Hey there! I’m Kelly – Holistic Business Coach + Blogger 👋 

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I’m Kelly Miller,



Welcome to my little piece of the online world. 

 Get cozy. I've created this space with you in mind.  I mean, if I invited you into my home and cooked for you,  that's exactly how I'd want you to feel: at home.


So grab a playlist, turn up the music, maybe do a little dance and dive in. 

"You don't know your highest potential until you work with a coach who gets you and helps you break through barriers to get what YOU want."

Start Here: Feel Good.

Do you feel REALLY good?

Do you SMILE and joyfully say: "Yes, I feel REALLY good!"

Whether you’re answering a friendly “how are ya?” or taking a deep dive into your thoughts on your business and your life…

How do you feel about it all?

I’m Kelly


Hey there friend,


Feeling good is where it all begins. 

➡️ If you're full of energy, you can work at your highest potential.


➡️ If you're feeling good, you're hitting your goals and working on new ones. 


➡️ If you're feeling good, you're smiling and THAT energy will attract others. 


If you’re a beginner or if you’re an expert, I believe we are all always growing and we get bigger by starting small, step by step.


You can find fast-action planners, workbooks, live workshops, and coaching of all kinds to help you get to that magical place you want to go.


Mindset, Health, and Business.


Let’s work on it all together.

Ways to Work with Me.

Because we're all in different places in our lives, I have 3 different ways to work with me: In depth 1:1, inside our group coaching community, and even many DIY mini-courses with my workbooks created for you to use in the pockets of your time. 


 Direct 1:1 Services

Want 1:1 time with me to gain clarity so you can hit your goals?


Me + The Club

Community + Coaching in the Start Small Grow Big Club



Action Driven Workbooks to go from Brainstorm to Done!

About me...

Quick Responder.  Biggest Cheerleader.  Positive. Supportive. 


These are the core attributes that drive my business. 


I've run many "brick and mortar" businesses, in one I grew our revenue over 400%!  When I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition- not knowing how to run an online health coaching business -  I wrote a cookbook instead! 


Then the big question became: 


How do I market myself and create an online audience?


And after eight years of learning, testing and streamlining, I finally found my answer. 


The good news: It probably won’t take you eight years to find yours. 


How do I know this?


I’ve created this Start Small, Grow Big Coaching Program to help you get there too.  


When I’m not coaching or jamming out to 90s hits in the kitchen, I can be found writing or planning my next road trip (where are my fellow freedom lovers at?!).


I believe in sisterhood over competition, and have learned that mindset and community are the foundation to a healthy life and business. 


My mantra: Let it be freeing, generous and easy. 

Let me be your coach!

What The Community Says

Success Stories

If you're looking for someone who is supportive, trustworthy, gentle but strong in getting you to feel confident in your aspirations and has great ideas to get you where you want to go in your business,  you can't go wrong working with Kelly.

I had often thought about working with a business coach to help me move along faster toward my goals. But I took the leap unexpectedly and wholeheartedly when I learned that Kelly had a new coaching program. 


I was able to "see" her personality through the many conversations online with me and in the group we met in.


I loved her down to earth personality and her seemingly always positive attitude which I gravitate towards.


As we continued our connection and eventually met in person, she was just as lively and sweet as she was online. I felt very comfortable around her.


Her program was serendipitous as I had been working on some projects that I really needed guidance and input on. But I was holding myself back. Since joining the group program, I have come very far in my pursuit to change the trajectory of my business and have completed and even started and completed things I though would take much longer. 


The other business women in the group were so supportive and like minded that with Kelly at the helmet, we were able to push each other further than any of us thought and Express ourselves in a safe space.


I've learned so much from her knowledge in many aspects of business and a lot about myself too.

Sue Glenn

Diverse Marketing & Web Design

My ambassador of quan. You have helped me find my Zone of Genius!! And your coaching program is stellar, seriously load of support and VALUE!! Last night's call alone met me where I am at! (double high five emoji)

If you are getting started in your business or just need help to build your existing business. Kelly Miller is the girl for you.


Kelly has helped me pinpoint the direction my business needs to go, she made sure I build a business that brings me joy. And has given me direction and steps to take every step of the way.


As well as one of my biggest struggles, with tech support. Kelly is a friend, cheerleader, that is highly knowledgeable. If she doesn't know the answer, she will point you in the right direction.

Alma Ronquillo

Nourished by Alma



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